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Together, we will sit down and listen to your needs. This can be done in a casual and comfortable one hour session online or over the telephone.


Our client brief session is imperative to ensuring we understand exactly what it is you are looking for and how we can help you to achieve it. Once we have a clear and united vision we get working on concept ideas for your new home.

Our experienced Designer is overflowing with ideas on creating functional, useful tiny spaces. 

Clever design features will give you a highly practical home while surrounding you in aesthetic beauty.

Whether you are looking to downsize, escape the rat race, live more sustainably or to supplement an income, we can  design a home to suit your needs.

We offer a selection of designs to suit a range of uses and preferences. We also offer the flexibility to make adjustments to ensure your tiny house suits you perfectly.



Photo - Croftby Frame.jpeg

Once you are happy with your design and have your quotation our team will start construction. We take care of everything to get your home ready for pickup, delivery or even building permits (if required)



When construction is complete we will organise a final inspection to ensure all is as you anticipated and that you absolutely love your new home . 



Design and Build Process

Working from Home_edited.jpg

STAGE 1: Initial Contact and Consultation

Contact our sales team via phone or email to discuss your ideas and visions with us. Feel free to schedule a visit to our factory, where you can personally witness the quality of our work and inspect our current builds.

home keys_edited.jpg

STAGE 4: Lockup Stage 40%

At this point, all exterior cladding is in place, making your Tiny Home completely secure and weatherproof. This marks an exciting phase as we prepare for the interior fit-out. 

We require the next payment upon reaching the lockup stage.

We kickstart the electrical and plumbing rough-ins followed by insulation, internal linings and painting. Finally, we install all requested joinery including kitchen and bathroom fit-outs and any upholstered pieces to finish your Tiny Home.


STAGE 2: Deposit Payment and Planning

This step secures your spot in our production queue. During this phase, we will work closely with you to refine your design and optimise the layout of your Tiny Home. We will then finalise your quote and draw up your framing plans. It's important to note that the deposit payment you make at this point will be subtracted from the final quote..


STAGE 5: Final Payment 20%

The final payment is due when your Tiny Home is complete. We'll arrange a final walk-through to ensure your satisfaction. We will then be ready to hand over your keys and assist with delivery.


STAGE 3: Ordering Materials 40%

To proceed, we kindly request a payment of 40%. This payment enables us to proceed with ordering your trailer and windows, marking the commencement of the construction process.

Tiny Home DD007 -23_edited.jpg


We are committed to keeping you well-informed about the progress of your tiny home, ensuring you are always aware of when each phase is scheduled. We will send invoices two weeks before the start of each subsequent build stage.

Our Chosen Suppliers

Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 7.47.13 pm.png


Roofing and Cladding

Blue Scope.png

Truecore Steel

Steel Framing

Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 7.42.38 pm.png


Timber and Architectural Panels

The Window Makers.png

The Window Makers

Aluminium Doors and Windows

ABI Interiors.png

ABI Interiors

Quality Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures


Beacon Lighting

Lighting Retailer



Modern Laminates, Engineered Stone, Wood Paneling & Acrylic Surfaces

JH Williams.png


Building and Hardware Supply

HMJ Trailers.png


Tiny Home Trailer Manufacture

DAS Steel.png

Das Steel

Steel Frame and Roof Truss Fabricator

T42 Electrical.png

T42 Electrical

Preferred Licenced Electrician

Peerless Kitchens.png

Peerless Kitchens

Preferred Custom


Montaj Upholstery.png

Montaj Upholstery

Quality Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures


Solomons Flooring

Hybrid Laminate &

Vinyl Flooring



Innovative, space saving toilet roll holders

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